Fresh Air Systems Technologies, Inc. is a professional air duct cleaning company. Our technicians have over 12 years of experience and have faced many different challenges and HVAC systems, in both residential and commercial buildings—each has its own uniquely designed system.

There is no substitute for experience; Fresh Air Systems Technologies has some of the most experienced professionals in the area. Our goal is to provide you high quality professional air duct cleaning services at a great value. If experience and quality are your preference, Fresh Air Systems is your top choice for Northern Nevada.

We take pride in our service and will protect your home during our professional cleaning process. Protection includes the utilization of blankets on floors, booties whenever needed, light plastic sheeting on furniture if vents are located on the ceiling and towels under any wash pan equipment.

It’s likely you have never seen a TV add or heard a radio commercial from Fresh Air Systems Technologies, that’s because most of our business has been via word mouth from satisfied customers.

We are accredited with the Better Business bureau in Reno, Nevada.


There are many air duct cleaning providers, all with individual methods to clean air ducts. We understand that value is important when selecting an air duct cleaning provider.

Our base Residential Package includes:

  • 1 furnace
  • 1 cold air return
  • 10 supply vents
  • 1 dryer vent (if needed).

There is cost for extra vents, cold air returns, and furnaces.

These charges include the additional washing and antibacterial fog treatment. There is no extra charge for minor repairs that are accessible from the top side of ducting, if we do not have to go under the house to fix it there will likely be no charge. If a repair is needed, we will consult with you to determine the best course of action.

In order for us to have the suction needed for cleaning, the duct system must be properly intact before starting our process. Any areas where there are obvious gaps where the metal boots meet the floor or ceiling area will be sealed using an approved HVAC aluminum tape to avoid further loss of energy and increased cost to your heating and cooling bill (no additional cost if minor work is required). We will notify you and show you any problems as we proceed with our service. Any additional work will require your approval, there are no surprises.

Commercial Installations have unique ducting systems, we are happy to provide a quote after a site survey.

We sometimes have a charge for mileage for locations outside the Reno Sparks area.

Please contact us for pricing and project scheduling.


Preparing for a complete ducting: What to expect

  1. Make sure all vents are exposed
  2. Make sure furnace is accessible (move any items away from furnace area, if in garage, car should be moved at least 5 feed away)
  3. When vents are in the ceiling we will cover and protect any large furniture, but collectibles on top of dressers or hutches should be moved, in order to prevent possible damage
  4. Any pets should be confined to one room (if not an outdoor per) or the back yard if possible. As we have to run an air hose into the house, door(s) will be left ajar for hose access during the duration of the project.

We connect our large Turbo Jet Air Decontamination Vacuum to the plenum at the furnace, we do not take it into the building and can avoid creating additional messes in living/working areas. The only items going into the building will be a small HEPA filtrated vacuum and an airline hose used to airbrush the duct system, as well as a small wash pan for washing the metal boots and registers.

Our antibacterial fog is also very safe, we can provide the Material Safety Data Sheets if there is a concern regarding allergies, etc… However, if the customer has small birds, we should know about it so that we can take necessary precautions.

The safety of your occupants, including pets, is our first concern. For some small animals, such as birds, we may not spray in their location, or we may move the pet outside for about an hour until the fog has dried.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There has never been an incident of harm to any bird, we would like to keep it that way.


Below are links to an overview of the services and solutions Fresh Air Systems Technology, Inc. provides, or you can select from the sub menue on the Services tab above. At Fresh Air Systems Technology, Inc., we have been serving the Reno Sparks area for many years and aim to provide the same convenient, quality service that has made us a leader in the HVAC duct cleaning  industry.

If at anytime, while you are browsing through our services section, you have a question related to any of our services don’t hesitate to call us at (775)323-3560 or send us an e-mail at .

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