Residential: Complete Duct Cleaning Service

Service charge includes the following:

10 Vents: ($20 for each additional vent)

One cold air return ($45.00 for each additional return)

One Furnace cleaned and sanitized ($100 for each additional furnace)

Vent registers & cold air grills: vacuumed & hand washed

Metal boots (located in floor) vacuumed & hand washed.

Dryer vent vacuumed & cleaned (a $125/$150(If Roof Access Required) value if done separately)

Duct system Turbo Vacuumed

Antibacterial fog introduced into duct system

Vacuum existing filters (extra charge to replace with new filters as necessary)

Prompt & professional service generally completed within 2 and 1/2 hours from start to finish (extra vents require additional time respectively)

Please call for current pricing and seasonal specials!